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Sunset on Lake Tarapoto.

Favorite Travel Quotes

Writers, philosophers, and nomads across the globe have been writing about the travel for thousands of years. Men and women from all walks of life have written about the value of travel, the reasons to travel, and the debate about the “right” way to travel. Here are a smattering of some of my favorite travel … Continue reading

Stack of Books (2)

Misspelled Paradise: A Year Later

On March 4, 2014, Misspelled Paradise: A Year in a Reinvented Colombia paperback and Kindle ebook went on sale. I went from being a writer who wrote about her travels to being a published travel author. No, I didn’t make the NY Times Bestseller list in 2014. But Misspelled Paradise is consistently in the top … Continue reading

A Girls Guide to Travelling Alone Cover

New Travel Book

I am excited to announce that I am a contributor in a new travel anthology of stories of women traveling the world alone. A Girls’ Guide to Travelling Alone: Inspiring True Travels of Intrepid Solo Women Travellers is edited by Gemma Thompson and includes stories from women all over the world. My story is “The … Continue reading

United Nations, FIFA , and Colombian Flags

The World Cup Comes to South America

From the dusty plains of Nigeria to the countryside of England, from the ancient streets of Prague, from the modern edifices of Sydney, the world is ready for some football. Even people in the United States, a notoriously football and baseball-focused nation, are ready to watch some soccer. The long-awaited 2014 World Cup in Brazil … Continue reading

The Reality of a Place

Stereotypes and preconceptions about a place are a funny thing. What you can expect from a place comes from a variety of places: friends and family, guidebooks, photos, videos, movies, and more all affect what we think we can expect from a place. Reality of places are rarely what you expect. (Of course, if you … Continue reading

The Road Less Traveled

I’m Moving! (Thoughts on Nomads, Wanderers, and Sojourners)

I’m moving again. This does not come as a surprise to my parents, friends, or old colleagues whose first question when we catch up is always “and where are you living these days?” But I am not sure I have the classic disease Wanderlust. Despite what my grandmothers think, I can stay in the same … Continue reading


All You Need to Know about (Colombian) Coffee

There is one stereotype of Colombia that has persisted for over a century that is actual positive (and true): coffee. Why is Colombian coffee so famous (and delicious)? And why is Colombia such a great place to grow coffee? And what type of coffee to Colombians actually drink? (The answer might surprise you…) Originally coffee … Continue reading


What to Pack for a Trip to Colombia

Colombia offers a lot to the traveler (no matter what type of travel you are) and I highly recommend Colombia as a travel destination to almost everyone. Not sure where to go? Check out this entertaining flow chart which can help point you in the right direction. But whether you’re planning a trip to Colombia, … Continue reading

Where to Go in Colombia Flow Chart

When You First Think of Colombia, What Do You Think Of?

Traveling to Colombia can be exciting (and not in all the stereotypical ways you might think). The country offers a variety of climates and scenery, as well a diversity of amazing cities. So what is one to do when trying to figure out where to go in Colombia? This handy and entertaining flowchart might help. … Continue reading

Young students near Cartagena, Colombia

Celebrate a Day of Happiness, and Learn More About the Happiest Country in the World

Happy International Day of Happiness! (What, it wasn’t on your calendar? That makes me a little unhappy…) It’s a day to recognize the fact that being happy is one of the most important human conditions to strive for. Because if we’re happy it probably means that the worrisome parts of life such as having enough … Continue reading


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