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All You Need to Know about (Colombian) Coffee

There is one stereotype of Colombia that has persisted for over a century that is actual positive (and true): coffee. Why is Colombian coffee so famous (and delicious)? And why is Colombia such a great place to grow coffee? And what type of coffee to Colombians actually drink? (The answer might surprise you…) Originally coffee … Continue reading


What to Pack for a Trip to Colombia

Colombia offers a lot to the traveler (no matter what type of travel you are) and I highly recommend Colombia as a travel destination to almost everyone. Not sure where to go? Check out this entertaining flow chart which can help point you in the right direction. But whether you’re planning a trip to Colombia, … Continue reading

Where to Go in Colombia Flow Chart

When You First Think of Colombia, What Do You Think Of?

Traveling to Colombia can be exciting (and not in all the stereotypical ways you might think). The country offers a variety of climates and scenery, as well a diversity of amazing cities. So what is one to do when trying to figure out where to go in Colombia? This handy and entertaining flowchart might help. … Continue reading

Young students near Cartagena, Colombia

Celebrate a Day of Happiness, and Learn More About the Happiest Country in the World

Happy International Day of Happiness! (What, it wasn’t on your calendar? That makes me a little unhappy…) It’s a day to recognize the fact that being happy is one of the most important human conditions to strive for. Because if we’re happy it probably means that the worrisome parts of life such as having enough … Continue reading

Would You Travel to Colombia?

Colombia has quite a negative reputation, I know. I had the same negative stereotypes about the country before I lived there that many of my friends and family still have. So, with what you know about Colombia in this moment, would you go? I am biased, but I think Colombia is a great travel destination … Continue reading

Books at Party

Why Do I Write?

I had a writing professor in college once asked my class if we wrote because the world had something to tell us or because we had something to tell the world. That day in class, I stared long and hard at the blank piece of notebook paper I was supposed to be answering this prompt … Continue reading

Books on Colombia

Misspelled Paradise Published!

After the many months (years) of writing and editing, Misspelled Paradise: A Year in a Reinvented Colombia is finally available for sale! Currently, the book is for sale exclusively at and the paperback and Kindle versions are available for purchase here. On the Amazon page you can also preview the book online or on … Continue reading

Writing a Book in 50 Easy Steps

Just one week until the publishing of Misspelled Paradise! What did that process look like for me? Here are the 50 easy steps to publishing your own book. Making of a (Travel) Book:    Go to some cool place (in this case Colombia) Keep a weekly blog about said cool place Keep a daily journal … Continue reading

Chapter Heading

Chapter Descriptions Reveal

The countdown to the book release is winding down… just over two weeks to go. The cover is set, you can read an excerpt from chapter four, and now for a detailed look at the book. Here are the official chapter listings (and not so official descriptions) about what Misspelled Paradise is all about: Prologue … Continue reading

Olympic rings lit up at Winter Games in Vancouver, 2010

Geography 101 (The Olympic Games)

The Winter Olympics have opened in Sochi, Russia (probably not a newsflash for most of you) and like many across the world, I am watching the festivities and events when I can. As a sports fan, there are a lot of events I enjoy following whether it’s the summer or winter games. However, perhaps my … Continue reading


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