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Lake Toba, Sumatra.

Make Sure You Have a Map (and Other Bits of Travel Advice I’m Glad I Ignored)



Make Sure You Have a Map (and Other Bits of Travel Advice I’m Glad I Ignored) is a fun look at bad travel advice, and twenty stories that have come from ignoring this advice during travels in over a dozen countries.

Find it at in paperback and on Kindle ebook. Also available at Amazon stores in Canada, Europe, the UK, Australia, Brazil, Japan, and more.

Praise for Make Sure You Have a Map:

“I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to travel and is going to travel soon in order to see that delays and bumps in the road can be a rewarding experience as well”

-Goodreads Reivewer

“An easy read that sets one’s mind spinning with ideas and reflection on one’s role in the world. Also filled with humorous insights and great character vignettes. “

-Amazon Reviewer

“This book leads us through a fun collection of short tales that ask: How has the road you have traveled affect the path you are yet to find?”

-Amazon Reviewer

Find more reviews and ratings at the book’s official page on Amazon, and on Goodreads.

From the back cover:

What’s the worst travel advice you’ve ever been given?

Well-meaning counsel from friends, family, and fellow travelers such as “be careful what you eat,” “don’t accept gifts from people you don’t know,” and “never hitchhike” can be helpful—but what happens when you choose to go your own way? Continue reading “Make Sure You Have a Map (and Other Bits of Travel Advice I’m Glad I Ignored)”