A Girls’ Guide to Travelling Alone

A Girls Guide to Travelling Alone CoverTaking to the road alone is a brave decision. A Girls’ Guide to Travelling Alone is an eye-opening, honest and inspiring on-the-road companion. Richly varied, these witty, inspiring, challenging and sometimes uncomfortable travel stories have been written by women of all ages, nationalities, backgrounds and experiences, each with a compelling tale to tell.

A Girls’ Guide to Travelling Alone: Inspiring True Travels of Intrepid Solo Women Travellers is edited by Gemma Thompson and includes stories by: Jules Sanderson, Amy Baker, Bryanna Plog, Jennifer Barclay, Jennifer Purdie, Eleanor Blackburn, Orla Lehane, Jessica Whyte, Jane McIntyre, Shannon Berseth, Hayley Gislason, Gemma Thompson, Ashley Macnie, Lu Barnham, Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent, Lauryn Massey, Allie George, Anna-Maria Steel, Jane Wilson-Howarth, Anne Strathie, Zoë Cano, Lizbeth Meredith and Rebecca Hall.

In A Girls’ Guide to Travelling Alone, “The Colombian Amazon”  is modified from a chapter in Misspelled Paradise, telling of some of Bryanna Plog’s solo adventures in–you guessed it–the Colombian Amazon. Poisonous snakes, giant fish, rickety canoe rides and new friendships: all were part of Plog’s travels in the Amazon and the story itself.

A Girls’ Guide to Travelling Alone is available as a Kindle eBook on amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, and other international amazon sites.

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