Book Review: Takoradi to the Stars (via Huddersfield) by Jules Brown

Star: 3.5/5

Location: All around the world

Sub-genre: Guidebook

Publication date: 2018

Takoradi to the Stars (via Huddersfield) is a hard book to pin down; a bit of a mix between short essays and travel narratives with a little guidebook mentality thrown in. The stories are full of humor and the author’s easy-going, informative voice. The title is bit misleading, as there is only one story that takes place in Takoradi and one in Huddersfield. The rest of the stories are all about interesting places, but I found each chapter a bit short to really be able to get into the story. Perhaps not surprising for an author who has mostly written guidebooks, it sometimes reads a bit like a guidebook full of advice, though certainly a well-written guidebook. The brief essays made me chuckle and smile but I was hoping for more story and insights. Still a good read to get ideas of places to travel from a traveler who has been many places. A quick, fun read, full of laughs and advice.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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