Book Review: Searching for Unique by Nancy O’Hare

Stars: 3/5

Location: Bhutan, Iceland, Colombia, Cuba, Faroe Islands, Portugal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, China, Malawi, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Brunei, Cuba

Sub-genre: Guidebook, coffeetable book

Publication date: 2018

The author has a plethora of travel stories to share with the reader, but I’m not sure this should be read cover to cover like I did. It is more a guide, a coffee table book and the book blurb describes it well as “bite-sized narratives and on-the-ground travel advice.” The photos inside are exceptional as well, and add to the sense of place. The narratives do have good descriptions of the diverse places this book takes you, but the stories didn’t move me, didn’t have a beginning, middle, and end to truly allow me to sit back and be carried along into armchair travels.

Perhaps that is not the point of the book however, and it is full of practical advice for planning similar trips to those that O’Hare has done. While I would have liked a lot more engaging storytelling, Searching for Unique is good for flipping through and learning about some new places to travel and travel experiences to perhaps try out yourself.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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