Book Review: The Blind Masseuse by Alden Jones

The Blind Masseuse

Stars: 4.5/5

Location: around the world, including Costa Rica, Cambodia, Cuba, and Burma.

Sub-genres: memoir, travel philosophy

Published: 2013

A thoroughly enjoyable read. Alden Jones takes the reader around the world, and while visiting the different destinations is part of the fun of reading this book, what makes The Blind Masseuse stand out from other travelogues is how Jones takes the reader through her own struggles and thoughts on what traveling means in today’s world, especially for women. In different situations she is both a traveler and a tourist and I enjoyed her thoughts and honesty on what that means.

Her strong, easy-going writing style and memorable characters are the highlights. More a memoir of Jones’ reflections and growth than a book about a place (which is why I finally rated it 4.5 not 5 stars…personal preference), I highly recommend The Blind Massuese to anyone who travels or thinks about traveling and the world we live in.

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