Traveling and Writing

Why do I enjoy travel writing so much? In short, because it involves two of my favorite things in the world: traveling and writing. (You’re welcome for that deep insight for the day.)

This last year I have been doing a lot of writing and less traveling. Late nights typing away, afternoons editing, mornings brainstorming my next chapter.

I am pleased to announce that my book is now in its last stages — major edits are done, and a title is decided on: Misspelled Paradise: A Year in a Reinvented Colombia.

But now — for the next month — I am back to traveling. I am heading back to Colombia. I will visit students and old friends in familiar haunts (Cartagena and Isla Barú), re-explore vast areas (the Amazon), get a feel for new regions (La Zona Cafetera), and get a new country on my map (a week in Peru).

I will continue to keep up this weekly blog while I travel and will post stories and photos. Because of course, while I travel I will be doing a lot of writing as well. From my chicken scratch of note-taking, to my slanted lines of a daily journal, to typing stories to share, traveling to me has to include writing.

Perhaps it was no surprise then when my writing had to include traveling.

Bags packed, journal and camera ready, and passport in hand, I head off to Lima, la Cordillera Blanca, Trujillo, la amazona, Cartagena, la zona cafetera, y más. That’s where I’m going…what will I experience and do?

Who knows.

And that’s part of what I love as well. Pen is at the ready.

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