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As I continue to edit my book and work towards a publication date (fall 2013 is likely at the moment), I want to invite you to take a look around the website.  I will continue to post every week or so on news events about Colombia, about my writing process, and a few things in between.

You can find old blog posts in a number of ways:

  • Use the category links on the left sidebar of the homepage to browse topics of interest to you (Colombian news events, Colombian culture, book updates, etc.).
  • Click on the titles of a specific blog post under “Recent Posts” to the right to see what has been posted most recently.
  • Click on a month on the “Archives” to the right to see the posts from a specific time period.
  • Use the search bar at the top right of the page to search for a specific topic (Cartagena, soccer, food, etc.).

There are also some ‘static’ pages I have created with the links on the above bar. I encourage you to explore more about Colombia through the “About Colombia” link, and photos of Colombia. You can also read more about me and contact me on the “About the Author” link, and about the book on Colombia on the aptly-named “The Book link. These are all a good place to start and will be updated periodically as well.

There is lots of explore about Colombia and take a look around the site to start your journey!

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