Announcing the Full List of Stories (and Bits of Bad Travel Advice) in Make Sure You Have a Map

What’s the worst travel advice you’ve ever been given?

I have been given advice both good and bad before my travels, and am happy to announce the titles of twenty stories of travel advice I am glad I ignored, travel lesson I had to learn along the way as I explored more than a dozen countries over the last decade or so.

Bryanna Plog writing in her journal on a bus in northern Tanzania.

Without further ado, here are the twenty bits of travel advice that I learned to ignore, leading to twenty entertaining stories that make up my new travel memoir, Make Sure You Have a Map, out summer 2016.

  1. Be Careful What You Eat (Costa Rica – Tanzania, 2008).
  2. Don’t Get Delayed (Australia – Scotland, 2007)
  3. If It Sounds Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is (Germany, 2007)
  4. Make Sure You Have a Map (Antarctica, 2010)
  5. Don’t Accept Gifts from People You Don’t Know (United States – Tanzania, 2008)
  6. Head South for the Winter (Norway, 2007)
  7. Always Have a Travel Buddy (United States – Colombia, 2013)
  8. Know What’s In Your Drink (Tanzania, 2008)
  9. Stick to the Trail (United States, 2014)
  10. Avoid Tourist Traps (Argentina, 2010)
  11. Drink Colombian Coffee (Colombia, 2011/2013)
  12. Never Just Go For the Weekend (Canada, 2009)
  13. Don’t Talk to Strangers (Tanzania, 2008)
  14. Never Catch Wild Animals (Colombia, 2011)
  15. You Have to Go to Venice (Italy, 2015)
  16. Get Out and Explore (United States, 2014)
  17. Know What Country You’re In (Peru – Colombia – Brazil, 2013)
  18. Avoid Public Transportation (United States – Tanzania, 2008/2010)
  19. Take as Many Pictures as You Can (Peru, 2013)
  20. Never Hitchhike (United States, 2009)

If you think some of these do sound like good advice (which I myself thought at some time too), I invite you to check back in this summer, read through a copy of Make Sure You Have a Map and learn how your next trip might just be more fun—and more meaningful—if you decide to ignore these twenty pieces of travel advice.

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