Writing a Book in 50 Easy Steps

Just one week until the publishing of Misspelled Paradise! What did that process look like for me? Here are the 50 easy steps to publishing your own book.

Making of a (Travel) Book:


  1.  Go to some cool place (in this case Colombia)
  2. Keep a weekly blog about said cool place
  3. Keep a daily journal about said cool place and what I did for a year
  4. Say goodbye to said cool place
  5. Enjoy hot showers, fast internet, and salads again. Stop blogging
  6. Decide that I should organize old blogs
  7. Realize how bad the writing was on the blog and start rewriting
  8. Rewriting turns into reorganizing into a narrative
  9. Realize I could write a book on this stuff
  10. Start writing book
  11. Realize I still don’t know enough about Colombia to write a book
  12. Do copious amounts of research, including but not limited to Wikipedia and scholarly articles
  13. Write some more.
  14. Edit
  15. Write some more
  16. Go drink more coffee
  17. Research self-publishing and realize this might take over my free time for the next year(s)
  18. Start website and blog
  19. Write and edit some more
  20. Find an editor and send book to him
  21. Wait for editor
  22. Blog some more
  23. Start thinking about a title
  24. Get edits back from editor and rework seemingly every other sentence
  25. Edit
  26. Keep blogging
  27. Get a Facebook page
  28. Work on cover ideas
  29. Keep working on title
  30. Scrap all old covers and start over
  31. Scrap all titles and start over
  32. Edit
  33. Decide on title
  34. Decide on cover
  35. Join Twitter
  36. Go back to Colombia for “research” (and lots of fried street food)
  37. Drink lots more coffee
  38. “Finish” writing
  39. Edit
  40. Finish cover
  41. Send away for proof for book
  42. Put book on Goodreads
  43. Send to proofreader
  44. Decide on release date
  45. Have Goodreads giveaway
  46. Send away for another proof
  47. Figure out formatting for ebook
  48. Figure out sales channels and pricing
  49. Decide that proof is final
  50. Take a deep breath and press the “publish” button on Amazon.

 And there you have it: 50 easy steps to publish your own book!

Misspelled Paradise is out on amazon.com March 4, 2014.

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