Misspelled Paradise Published!

After the many months (years) of writing and editing, Misspelled Paradise: A Year in a Reinvented Colombia is finally available for sale!

Currently, the book is for sale exclusively at amazon.com and the paperback and Kindle versions are available for purchase here.

On the Amazon page you can also preview the book online or on a Kindle.

While there are many books out there on the drugs, violence, and civil conflict that Colombia is known for, there are few books that show a more nuanced and realistic view of Colombia. I hope Misspelled Paradise is a book that teaches us a little bit more about the world, while also being an entertaining read. It’s about living and teaching abroad, traveling to Colombia (yes…it’s safe), and overcoming the stereotypes and misconceptions I had about the country too.

Starting with the fact that is Colombia, not Columbia…

Head over to amazon.com to purchase this new humorous travel book on Colombia today.

4 Replies to “Misspelled Paradise Published!”

  1. Just ordered your book on amazon.co.uk (you might want to consider including a link to this on your post as the above link is only for US). I look forward to reading about your year teaching English. A nice idea to write a light-hearted travel book on Colombia.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion on the UK page and such…added on the page. Thanks for your other comments as well — I hope you enjoy the book. I’ll be interested to know what you think!

  2. I ordered your book after seeing it mentioned on the WorldTeach website. I am getting ready to go to Colombia in January. After reading your book I DON’T want to go to Isla Baru and hope for Manizales. I am writing a book about my year in Africa (including WorldTeach) and love your tips about writing. Did you use CreateSpace?

    1. I am happy you’ve found the book and site helpful. Isla Baru is definitely not for everyone and in many ways very different than the rest of Colombia. I enjoyed Manizales a lot and hope it works out for you. I did publish via CreateSpace and Amazon for a paperback and Kindle version. I found the process very easy and recommend it–let me know if you have any questions about it (I’ve got a contact form you can fill out if you want to chat on email). Thanks for reading and best of luck writing and preparing to teach in Colombia!

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