When You First Think of Colombia, What Do You Think Of?

Traveling to Colombia can be exciting (and not in all the stereotypical ways you might think). The country offers a variety of climates and scenery, as well a diversity of amazing cities. So what is one to do when trying to figure out where to go in Colombia?

This handy and entertaining flowchart might help. Simply start in the middle (what do you first think of when you think of Colombia?) and follow the arrows until you arrive at a destination, outlined in yellow! Have fun seeing where you might end up!

(You can make the chart bigger by clicking on it and zooming in if needed.

What did you first think of? Where is the place you should apparently go in Colombia? If you want, leave a comment on the blog or Facebook letting us know!

Colombian Flow Chart

5 Replies to “When You First Think of Colombia, What Do You Think Of?”

  1. Have to admit that am still a little wary about going to Colombia. Guess it goes back to the 80s and just haven’t put the image of a country out of control out of my mind. Should look into it some more, no doubt.

    1. I understand the feeling about Colombia–similar to what I felt before I went. It is definitely a changed and diverse country since the early 2000s and I highly recommend visiting! Let me know if you have any questions about traveling there. Thanks for reading!

  2. Hi!! Thank you a lot for do this, I am a Colombian girl in London and is really sad to hear what the people think about Colombia. Now with “Narcos” the Netflix show, people are thinking that is our current reality, but that was 30 years ago, so people are really misinformed

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