5 Ways to Learn More About Bryanna and Her Newest Book

Dig deeper behind Bryanna’s stories in her new book Make Sure You Have a Map.  Here’s five ways to explore more!


#1. Learn How I Wrote the Book

Check out this recent blog post to learn more about her writing and travel process including favorite albums that she listened to while writing and how she journals when traveling (hint: it’s not very high-tech).


#2. See Photos from the Book’s Stories

New this week, see photography from the travels in the book. See the photo of the woman knitting on a Huaraz street corner from “Don’t Forget to Take Lots of Pictures.” Want to know what it looked like on the M/V Ushuaia cutting through Antarctica waters from “Make Sure you Have a Map”? See the view from a train window pulling out of Kigoma, Tanzania.

Take a quick look through five photo from Make Sure You Have a Map below or click here for the full gallery of photos from all twenty stories.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


#3 Read a Recent News Article Profiling Bryanna

Also check out the recent story on Bryanna from Pacific Lutheran University, on her travels, why she writes, and job as a national park ranger in Yosemite National Park.


#4 Contact the Author!

Finally, I love reader questions about anything, so leave me a comment or head over to the Contact the Author link to ask anything!


#5 Plan a Trip!

The best way to learn more about traveling and travel advice is to take your own trip, maybe inspired from the stories or advice in Make Sure You Have a Map. Perhaps this is the year you take a train across Tanzania, visit a Colombian coffee farm, or go to Naples, Italy. Or maybe this is the year you enjoy some armchair travels and start planning a future adventure. Either way, maybe it’s time to think about traveling.

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